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    Logo x2 RetinaKsoundd Productions was implemented first and for most to help create and make current successful sounds that are unique and chart toppers for the consumer in all genres of music. Ksoundd will also produce live performances in small to mid size venues as well as offer its services to help any and all types of community based organizations. Ksoundd will also offer its production capabilities to established artist as well and up and coming artists in all genres of music. Ksoundd Production was established in 1998 and incorporated in 2008, as an Illinois closely held corporation in order to operate as an entertainment entity. The target market will vary based upon the genre of music that is being produced and released thru Ksoundd. For example to start with the release of Sound Check, Ksoundd’s first self produced CD, the target market will be teens to young adults from the ages of 12 to 35 for both the hip hop and R & B music that’s on the album. Both these genres of music are popular worldwide and we have established a solid internet based to help with the promotion and distribution worldwide. This summary is to provide and acquaint interested sponsors with the goals, philosophy and community awareness of Ksoundd Productions. This supplemental financing is required to further establish, produce and distribute Ksoundd product as well as cover cost for marketing and promotions. The initial financing was provided from personal monies contributed by the owners. Successful operations through year one will provide Ksoundd Productions with a solid consumer base and outlets that will allow it to be a self sufficient production company.

    Born November 11, 1982, self proclaimed Pop Rock/ Pop R&B/ Techno- Dance/ HipHop producer Kevin “KJeih” Butts Jr. began mastering his craft at an early age as a drummer. Searching for that unique sound KJeih began his journey as a young musician banging on pots and pans in his mother’s kitchen. Once becoming tall enough, KJeih gave the pots and pans up for some real drums. He started out with no sense of timing, yet great potential and kept at it. He knew that there was nothing that practice could not fix.

    As time and skills progressed KJeih became a drummer at one of the most profound and prestige church ministries in Chicago, Prayer and Faith Outreach Ministries; where he taught himself style, placement and many different techniques. Attending Simeon Career Academy KJeih the drum-line section leader played in the marching, concert, and jazz band; received a superior rating three out of the four years of attendance. He later became a professional drummer/percussionist playing for local and recording bands. He recorded several gospel, pop, and R&B records.

    In 1998, KJeih expanded from behind the drums to behind the beat machine. Working in many studios the love for engineering and production work helped him to make the most important decision of his career path. From this decision he started his very own independent production company, Ksoundd Productions later incorporated in 2008 as Ksoundd Inc.

    While impressively balancing his hit making capabilities, KJeih rapidly established himself as one of the uniquest producers beyond the Chicagoland area. After many years of hurtles and hard work, he finally launched “SOUND CHECK” in March 2008 his first album introducing the world to his diverse and unique sound. KJeih’s outlandish production style and remarkable sense of individuality has no boundaries.

    In 2011, KJeih decided to continue his education in music as a Music Production major at Full Sail University Online and completed the program September 6th 2013 with a Bachelor of Science. He also started a group on Facebook called “Sounddwork” October 2012, which turned into a close circle of producers from all around the country. Sounddwork has moved into a collaborative style group of pro-active members soon to launch a network website helping other like minded people.

    Check back at a later date as this bio continues to grow!

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